vanessa palermo

budding young artist.
creative thinker.
big dreamer.

Welcome to my world, friend.

Over the years, this website has gone through numerous changes. From web shows to my own blog, this same url has been home to some of my wildest ideas. Although the fourth grader that used to own this website has grown up, one thing remains the same; my endless craving to create. 
It began before I can even remember. Throughout my childhood, I was never bored. I experimented with anything I could get my hands on; yarn, sticks, or clay. I was always finding the beauty in trash or an unexpected use for a common place object. In high school I discovered my passion for art. Never before had I found such an effective and therapeutic way to communicate my ideas. Art is my way of showing what goes on in my mind that I can't explain with words and composing my own reality.
It is my mission to create a more beautiful world.

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